DICK’S Sporting Goods Women’s Fitness 2014 Campaign: A Shareable and Shoppable Experience for Women

Laura Sweltz, Director of UX Research and Strategic Initiatives

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When you think of DICK’S Sporting Goods, masculine team sports like football and baseball may come to mind, but their wide array of product offerings include everything from football cleats to yoga mats. Women are already key customers at DICK’S but are often shopping for their husbands and their children, rather than themselves. With their current digital campaign, DICK’S wants to let women know their stores have the range of products and expertise to meet all of a woman’s personal fitness needs as well.

The Women’s Fitness 2014 campaign showcases women doing everything from yoga and running to kickboxing and barre while also highlighting the lifestyle side of fitness. Site visitors move through six different activities featuring videos of women in action overlayed with related content. This content includes products as well as inspirational quotes and imagery. Each of these individual pieces of content is easily shareable on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

The result is a shareable and shoppable experience for women that not only helps them see the latest gear in action but also provides a dose of inspiration as well. Visit dsg.com/womensspring2014 to experience the site for yourself and read our full Case Study for all of the behind the scenes details on how we designed and built the site.

Laura Sweltz

Laura is Viget's Director of UX Research and Strategic Initiatives. She works from our Durham, NC office, where she helps clients like Rotary International, AARP, and Time Life understand the needs and behaviors of their users.

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