Developer Day DC, Done!

Ben Scofield, Former Viget

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Developer Day DC took place this weekend, and by all accounts everyone had a great time. Bookended by Jay Virdy’s story about the rise of Summize (and its sale to Twitter) and Russ Olsen’s survey of emerging languages, we had great presentations on a wide variety of topics. Keeping to our technology-agnosticism, we had JavaScript (twice!), Ruby, and Python on the schedule, as well as a more general session on testing and a mind-expanding demonstration of the Monome and other fringe technologies. (If you couldn’t make it, Peter Harkins posted his notes here.)

After conquering Durham and DC, we’ve decided to widen our range a bit, so if you’re eager for a fun, local, cheap conference of your very own, keep watching the Developer Day site. Next up: Boston!

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