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Owen Shifflett, Art Director

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Over the past year and a half I've had the opportunity and pleasure to run as lead designer and art director for Viget's engagement with PUMA. When we started the project many moons ago we had a very singular focus, the PUMA Running site. Over the course of the engagement our focus has expanded to include over a dozen category (sub-brand) sites and other micro-sites in collaboration with PUMA's internal team. Recently we tied them all together with the launch of the new (an exciting day for our team). I've been a long-term fan and consumer of PUMA products and they have been on the top of my "dream client" list for a long time so this project has been especially rewarding for me.

Our role on the design side of things has spanned from design production and illustration all the way up to photo/video-shoots direction and high level creative concepting. Many hours of collaboration between our departments (marketing, design, fed, UX, dev) and PUMA's internal team have resulted in a PUMA brand with a stronger, more cohesive, and consistent story in the online space. The content and visuals of PUMA's sub-brands can now live harmoniously together, working together to tell the bigger PUMA story, while the awesome offline PUMA campaigns have more room to come to life and stretch their legs online.

The biggest challenge we had to solve while designing revolved around creating engaging interactions and environments that told the unique story of individual PUMA properties while also allowing the over-arching PUMA brand to resonate, no matter where you browse within the PUMA online universe. Consistency was a constant concern but so were the typical short-comings of consistency, namely repetition that can lead to boring experiences for users. We kept this in mind every day, focusing on walking a fine line between practical application and creative exploration.

Below are a selection of some of my favorite elements and executions from the main redesign and category sites we've worked on.

PUMA.Com Redesign examples


Category Site Designs

Category Site Designs

Here's also a list of what we've done so far.
Creative Factory
Clever Little Bag
Bolt Collection

We're really happy with the results and we hope you dig them too! Check out to see how it all works together. Also feel free to check out the post from our CEO Brian, Relaunching, Start-up Style, to learn more about our process/methodology on this engagement.

Owen Shifflett

Owen is a ferociously passionate collaborator and independent thinker for clients such as PUMA, Cisco, and Dick's Sporting Goods. He is an art director at Viget's HQ in Falls Church, VA.

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