Design Share 2: More With Less

Tom Osborne, Former VP, Design

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Delivering on our promise to make the Design Share into a series we recently wrapped up the second event. We stuck with our original format… mostly. Each presenter was still tasked with a 5 minute limit on their presentations with just under 10 minutes slated for question and answer. In short, we rotated speakers every 15 minutes. Based on feedback from the previous event we reduced the number of presenters from 6 to 4 resulting in an hour worth of presentations. At the end of the hour we added a 20 minute, panel-style Q&A. All in all, making for a nice sampling of work in a single evening.

This time around we framed the talks with the theme "More With Less" -- a sign of the times. To the presenters, this could have meant anything from less money or less time to less people. Each speaker interpreted the theme in their own way. The talks ranged from what to do with a less than ideal logo to what to do when your budget gets slashed by a third in the middle of a project. The work featured projects for government, non-profits, or religious org web projects.

The Talks

Click the talk title to view in full on Vimeo.

So far we're seeing positive feedback and already have plans for a third event. Photos from DS2 coming soon.

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