Dear Scrabulous, I Like U, and I Like UI

Dear Scrabulous- I'm a big Scrabble fan, and I know I'm way behind by just having hooked up with you this weekend. I also know there are people fighting over you (not such a bad problem to have) and I hope you hang around. I like your user interface mostly fine, but I'm wondering if you could tidy up a few small things.Here's what I currently see when I come in and have a look at you: image I'd rather see this (hope you're not offended): image Oh, and there's one thing I can't seem to do anything with (it scares me to think about clicking it to find out). What exactly is the purple spot? Does it really "clear board tiles" ... ?: image Love, P PS, my friends and I have been working on a Facebook app ourselves. Let us know what u think of it and the UI. We'd luv to know. UPDATE (APR1): So the purple dot wasn't as scary as I had thought (should've known I suppose). Here's what I might do with it instead (the tab would only appear after tiles have been moved to the board): image
Peyton Crump

Peyton is a design director who leads strategic, collaborative design efforts for large to small brands, non-profits, higher ed institutions, and start-ups. His favorite moment is the aha moment, when an individual or a team suddenly understands a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.

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