Corporate Advertising Meets Kinetic Type and The Walrus

Peyton Crump, Former Design Director

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As pieces of osbservation and inspiration, I'd like to point to a couple of recent examples where I've seen underlying design trends hitting mainstream corporate television advertising.

First, if you're not yet familiar with kinetic type, it's a newish term for something that's been around for a while (animated typography). It pays special attention to syncing directly with dialogue and typographically reflecting the emotion of the script or lyrics. I really enjoy some of the videos popping up over the past couple of years. Here are two:

Secondly, if you haven't seen "I Met the Walrus", this is what I'll call a "rough-edit-style" animated short that has surfaced within the past two years as well. Pretty amazing:

With those videos among my favorites, I perked up a bit when the following commercials (yeah, I still watch them and like them) ran on television:

Interesting to see the influences there. Although I'm not taking the time for an extended post that identifies other examples, explores the cyclical nature of design trends, or talks about the rightness/wrongness of blatant adoptions of form/style, my curiosity is more toward this:

What are some of the best examples of more grass-roots-style trends surfacing in the form of corporate television advertising?

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