Capitalizing on Agile’s Flexibility (Within Reason)

Stephanie Hay, Former Viget

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The Agile process allows us to balance tangible deliverables with other feature requests that evolve naturally. Always keeping in mind the end user is super duper important to our process; but, sometimes a project can slow amid additional design iterations or unanticipated development requests that become priorities. That's the beauty of Agile! It understands that a project is living and breathing. The challenge to project managers, however, is to articulate that shifts in the natural ebb and flow of an engagement can (and normally do) affect timelines and budgets. It’s essential that we help capitalize on this flexibility within reason so clients can best walk the line between personal opinions and the almost limitless design and development opportunities for users. With thorough research and planning, a high degree of transparency in our work and daily communications internally and externally, and a commitment to understanding the history and goal behind each project, we are setting the stage to truly enjoy the final result and this flexible, creative process.

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