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FALLS CHURCH, VA - Earlier this month, Viget Labs launched a completely redesigned web site for music superstar Britney Spears ( The site was inspired by UK-based artist Josephine Wall, whom Britney personally selected to provide artwork for use in the unique design.

In an announcement made to her fans on the site, Britney said "Thank you all for being so patient as we created an entirely new and different site over the past 4 months. I am so excited to share this with you. I hope you love it as much as I do!"

A subsequent announcement, in which Britney shared the news of her pregnancy, resulted in a surge of traffic that topped out at over one million visitors in a single day. To help capture the excitement of her massive fan base, Viget Labs implemented a feature that allowed site visitors to submit their "best wishes" in response to the news. The response was tremendous, with more than 50,000 fans submitting comments from around the world. A selection of comments is now being displayed on the web site.

Through a partnership with Charlottesville, VA-based Musictoday, Viget Labs has supported Britney's online presence since November of 2003, providing creative design, custom development, Internet marketing expertise, and ongoing site maintenence. Viget Labs' experience in providing web solutions for the entertainment industry is extensive, and other clients include Usher (, Kenny Chesney (, and Shania Twain (

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Founded in 1999 and based outside of Washington, DC, Viget Labs provides web strategy, creative design, and technical development services to clients around the country in a variety of industries.

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