Brian is One of Washington’s Top 100 Tech Leaders

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The May 2009 issue of Washingtonian Magazine -- the one getting buzz for its notable cover -- includes a story titled "Washington's Tech Titans" that featured "the top 100 leaders of Washington's tech world."

Our own CEO and Co-Founder, Brian Williams, is listed in the entrepreneurs section along side such notable execs as Ted Leonsis (AOL) and Michael Saylor (Microstrategy). The article references a competitor who identifies Viget as a "brain drain of talent."

"It's an honor to be included on this list. It's also cool to see the names of so many friends, clients, and partners included with whom we've had a chance to work and collaborate with over the years. It reminds you how strong the leadership is in this area and why it's such a great place to do business," Brian said.

His response to the "brain drain" label? "I'm glad our long-standing effort to create a great place for talented people to work is being recognized."

Those included on the list were chosen based on two factors, according to the article. "(1) success, defined as a proven track record in the tech world, and (2) influence, being listened and look to by others for leadership and vision."

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