Brian Speaking in Prague, Sharing Work with Choice Hotels

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Brian will be traveling to Prague next week to discuss Viget's work with Choice Hotels International at their annual European convention.  He'll co-present a series of workshops with Jeff Hickey, Choice's Director of International IT, sharing the results of the extensive research and testing that went into the redesign effort our team has worked on since late last year.

Brian's presentation will highlight the dozens of ways the research influenced the new user experience and user interface design currently being rolled out across Choice's international web sites.  He will also discuss current online trends that are particularly relevant to the hospitality industry, such as rate transparency, authentic customer engagement, and ongoing relationship-building via social media.

Brian will also share the more detailed findings of the user research study during Choice's Technology Summit next week as well.

"This is a great opportunity to share directly with the franchisees what went into the extensive redesign that's being implemented right now.  I'll have a chance to help them understand not only the value Choice's new web presence will provide, but also the ways they can engage customers online independent of the official Choice sites,"  Brian said.  "I'm honored that they asked me to participate."

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