Boulder Startup Week 2015 for Designers

Blair Culbreth, Director of Visual Design

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Each year for the past three years, Viget Boulder has been proud to organize, and sometimes even speak at, a design-centric event at Boulder Startup Week. Boulder Startup Week is a five-day celebration, with 120+ events held by the Boulder startup community, for the community. For many startups, UX, UI, and branding are often given low priority, ignored all together, or left out simply because young, focused startups don't know where to begin when it comes to design. Our design-focused events over the years have aimed to make design and its value part of the conversation and give startups practical, actionable guidance for how they can take their product to the next level with solid design.

This year one event wasn't enough! We've worked with Boulder Startup Week to coordinate and curate an entire design track. Seven design-tastic events every day throughout the week will take place at a variety of downtown venues. The events themselves will range from a casual happy hour, to panels featuring some of the best designers around. We hope to see you at at least one event next week! Be sure to register for Startup Week here. Here's the full breakdown:

Designer Happy Hour 

Love startups? Love design? Join us to discuss designing for startups, designing at startups, product design, UX design, graphic design, and more. Or just stop by and hang out. Hosted by Jackson Fox, UX Director, Viget, a Boulder Digital Agency

Monday May 11, 2015 4:00pm - 6:00pm 
Basecamp at Lyfe Kitchen (1600 Pearl St Boulder, CO 80302)

Getting Your Brand Right From the Start

You're focused on your idea, your product, your innovation. But to attract investors and build a sustainable business you also need to focus on your brand and the strategic foundation that holds everything together.

This session will provide actionable insights on how to approach developing – or evolving - a clear and comprehensive brand strategy that will produce results. Learn the keys to immediate and long-term brand impact, success, and results from a panel of successful entrepreneurs and brand strategists. Moderated by Pete Burridge, CEO and Founder, Greenhouse Partners, Greenhouse Scholars, and


Tuesday May 12, 2015 2:00pm - 3:00pm 
Boomtown (2060 Broadway St, B1 Boulder, CO 80303)

UX Lessons for Startups (Design Lightning Talks)

Join us to hear three veteran startup design and UX leaders share the lessons they've learned. Hosted by Jackson Fox, UX Director, Viget

  • Andy Montgomery,Head of Design, Recurly
  • David Stadler, Director of User Experience, Kapost
  • Jeff Zabel, Co-founder, DataHero

Wednesday May 13, 2015 2:00pm - 3:00pm 
Kapost (1800 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302)

How to Scale Product Management Teams and Businesses

In this unique panel event, we will ask our panelists to explain how they have grown their product teams and organizations into the successful business they are today. The strategy behind growing product teams varies depending on your organization. Our panelists have experiences ranging from seed stage to 500+ employees. They have unique insights into how product roles vary at different levels in an organization and the common pitfalls product professionals make while trying to scale and grow teams. We would love to share our experience with scaling product organizations to help others who are new to product roles or who are growing and need some advice. Join us for a panel session where we discuss How to scale Product Management teams and businesses. Presented by Colorado Product, hosted by Adam Tornes.

  • Jeremy Dillingham VP, Product Management, Return Path 
  • Rob Johnson, Data Strategy, Twitter
  • Sean Porter, VP of Product Management and Engineering, Full Contact

Thursday May 14, 2015 12:30pm - 1:30pm 
Riverside (1724 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302)

Designing for Magic Paper: Mystical Scrolls and Interactive Screens

Type designer Erik Spiekermann has said that designing for the screen is just designing for bad paper. We’d argue it’s more like magic paper, but the point is that good designers have always embraced the limitations caused by tricky substrates—oftentimes even leading to innovation. Our respect for the classic principles of print design has merged with our love for the endless possibilities of technology to form the foundations of our approach to interactive design and development.


Thursday May 14, 2015 3:00pm - 4:00pm 
Human Design (954 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302)

Caffeinated Mornings: The Value of Design to the Success of Your Business or Startup

Ingrid Alongi and Jace Cooke from Quick Left, along with Todd Vernon from VictorOps, will discuss the value that design brings to the success of your business and the ventures you help build. 

This event is for all creative and entrepreneur types and will be a 20-30 min talk, followed by 10-15 min Q&A session, moderated by Jay Ferracane of Angry Bovine.


Friday May 15, 2015 9:00am - 10:30am 
Boomtown (2060 Broadway St, B1 Boulder, CO 80303)

UX In the Real World

A panel of UX professionals from various backgrounds including agencies, startups, small businesses, and enterprises discuss the topic of UX in the real world. Panelists will be walked through a series of questions outlining what their UX process looks like on a day to day basis. Topics will cover what works, what doesn’t, what are the challenges they face in their respective organizations, what tools/processes do they use, and any advice for the startup crowd. Moderated by Chris Alvarez, UX Design Lead at Slice of Lime 

  • Brian Rhea, Chief Product Officer, Mocavo
  • Tania O'Brien, Sr. Manager of User Experience, Rally Software
  • Jackson Carson, UX/UI Creative Director, MobileDay
  • Travis Stiles, Director of User Experience, ReturnPath

Friday May 15, 2015 12:30pm - 1:30pm 
Riverside (1724 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302)

Blair Culbreth

Blair is a visual design director in our Boulder, CO, office. She crafts intuitive, emotionally driven design for our clients including VolunteerMatch, the Lupus Foundation of America, and other national non-profits.

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