Boulder Hack & Tell - Round 5

Eli Fatsi, Former Development Director

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Announcing the 5th round of Boulder Hack & Tell. Reliving the glory days of elementary school Show & Tells, but with much cooler toys. Jon Beluch of Squarespace and I have been hosting these events every month at Viget's Boulder Office. We've seen some awesome projects spanning all sorts of technologies - Texting powered Air Conditioners, Python XBMC Addon BrowsersArduino monitored Bee Hives, Raspberry Pi Parking Detectors, C web servers, etc...


Presenters will have 5 minutes to show off their project, and then 5 minutes to field questions, comments, concerns from the audience. If you have a project you've been working on, we'd love to have you present. If not, feel free to come hang out, enjoy some refreshments, and see all the neat stuff people have been hacking on.

No startup pitches or business ideas allowed, this event exists for those who enjoy making, sharing, and seeing cool things that you can do with technology.

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