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Emily Bloom, Vice President of People and Culture

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The big news around Viget this week is that Ben Scofield will co-chair RailsConf with Chad Fowler next June. Isn't that awesome? I caught up with Ben and asked him how it feels to be a celebrity.

Me: Ben, how does this news - that you'll co-chair RailsConf - compare to other professional achievements you've experienced?

Ben: This is very exciting. I'd say it's in my top 3 in terms of achieving professional goals.

Me: Let me guess the other two - writing a book and being the Technology Director at Viget - right?

Ben: Sure.

Me: One of the stories that gets told so many times around here it is almost like folklore is that you were the inspiration for Viget to become a shop that develops almost exclusively in Rails. It seems fitting then, that four short years later, you would be co-chairing the world's most important Rails conference. But what's next? Where can you possibly go from here?

Ben: Lots of places. For example, I'd like to see Developer Day, our local event series, continue to grow and help build bridges between the various development communities around the country. Also, I don't think Viget's focus on Rails is a static thing. We switched to Rails because it was the best technology. If and when there are better ways to develop web applications, we will undoubtedly make another transition.

Me: How does it feel to be a celebrity?

Ben: I'll skip that question. I will say I was honored when Chad asked me to co-chair and I am really looking forward to playing an active part in leading the Program Committee. RailsConf is a high profile conference, but the real honor here is working closely with a lot of really talented, passionate people to put on a high-value event.

Emily Bloom

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