Ben to Speak in Buenos Aires

Ben will be carrying around a Spanish translation book on April 3-4, when he travels to sunny Buenos Aires to present at Locos por Rails. He'll be giving a talk entitled, "Page Caching Resurrected."  From the abstract:

. . . It is now feasible to build a complex Rails application that can still respond extremely quickly and directly to a specific set of requests, such as those an AJAX service might experience. In this session, we'll explore in depth how this strategy reinvigorates a useful, but formerly limited, capability of Rails: page caching.

Ben has presented on Rails internationally, but he's looking forward to visiting Borges' hometown for this experience. 

"I'm very excited to be connecting with Rubyists outside the United States. The development scene in South America in general seems to be growing very quickly, so I'm eager to see what they're doing."

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