Ben to Speak in Berlin at RailsConf Europe

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Director of Development Ben Scofield is hopping on a plane next week and heading to Berlin, where he'll give a three-hour tutorial on resourceful plugins (an approach we developed to make sharing functionality between Rails applications much easier) at RailsConf Europe.

Plus, later in the conference, he'll be presenting a revised version of the Advanced RESTful Rails talk he delivered in May at RailsConf in Portland.

Said Ben on his trip:

RailsConf Europe is a great opportunity to share some of the lessons we've learned at Viget, and to introduce techniques we've pioneered to an international audience. This conference is particularly interesting because it allows me to experience something of the atmosphere of Rails development in Europe—there's a noticeable difference between the United States and Europe, and I look forward to coming away with some great new insights and ideas.

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