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FALLS CHURCH, VA - The Backstreet Boys are back in the studio and, while their new album isn't due out until next spring, their web site is back online thanks to Viget Labs. Working in partnership with Charlottesville-based Musictoday, Viget Labs launched a "transition site" at on Friday designed to generate buzz about the band, album, and full web presence that will launch this fall. The content and features that will be available on the full site won't be revealed in advance; however, an online fan club is known to be in the works. The transition site is intentionally sparse and includes only the most basic content and functionality.

"We've seen significant traffic already, which is encouraging for a transition site," noted Brian Williams, one of Viget Labs' Founding Partners. "Our tell-a-friend tool generated more than 4,000 email referrals over the first weekend, and our site feedback survey has been flooded with input and ideas from excited fans. The viral nature of the site has resulted in a lot of email list sign-ups, which is really our primary goal at this stage."

The new site will continue to spark interest in the band and album in the coming months while supporting offline appearances and marketing efforts.

Viget Labs' experience in providing web strategy and design for the entertainment industry is extensive, with clients such as Britney Spears (, Usher (, and Shania Twain (


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