Bacardi Mojito Branded Utility Fail

Josh Chambers, Former Viget

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Last week I wrote about my love for the Cheese and Burger Society. This week, I write about my not-love for

My brother and I wanted Mojitos (should I be ashamed?). My hermano suggested we go to, being certain that they would have a good recipe for a Mojito. Three steps later, I decided to never use that web site again.

Step 1: Use the calculator.

I was actually really excited about this. We needed to buy supplies, and this was definitely going to come in handy. First, I told the calculator had 8 people and the party should last 4 hours. I was told I need 2 bottles of BACARDI, 24 limes, 2 cups of sugar, and 11 packs of fresh mint. Seriously?

In an attempt to have the calculator display only one bottle of rum, I incrementally reduced the number of people and the duration of the party until I arrived at 5 guests for 1 hour. Below is what happened:


Really...I don't need any rum? None? It's magical!

Step 2: Print the recipe.

So, I bailed on the calculator, moving on to the recipe section. I found my recipe, clicked the "print" feature, annnnnd....

Step 3: Email the recipe, print it from my email.

Finally, last resort, I chose the "email this to a friend feature." Yup, that broke.


I swear to God, I was not looking for Dragonberry BACARDI.

Step 4: Stop using

Branded utilities have so much potential; but if the "utility" part isn't working out, it can actually do more harm for a brand than good. Next time I look for a drink recipe involving rum, I'll be looking somewhere else.

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