Announcing the Launch of CleverChef, Premier Online Culinary Resource

Viget Labs

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ARLINGTON, VA (August 6, 2001) — Viget Labs, an Arlington-based provider of web-based software solutions, has announced the launch of its latest client portal -- Emerging as a one-stop online resource for both experienced chefs and novice cooks, allows users to search for recipes, plan menus, and generate shopping lists online -- as well as archive favorite selections for future visits.

"We worked closely with the CleverChef team to identify functionality that would really be appreciated by the online community," said Mike Bass, Viget Labs founder and project manager for the web development effort. "We incorporated sophisticated recipe scaling features in both the recipe and shopping list sections of the site in response to market research conducted by CleverChef. We plan to integrate additional features as the CleverChef community grows and provides further feedback about the site."

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