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Peyton Crump, Former Design Director

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When reflecting on my creative intake and output over the past year, they simply stand out: the three guys that cursed a lot but admittedly got me fired up creatively. Simple as that, but with warnings:

  • You may have already happened across these.
  • I don't agree with all that is being said.
  • Explicatives fly. You may be offended. The cursing may make them more memorable than they actually are.
  • I most assuredly did shed a tear over #2 (the part about the dad).
  • #3 was posted at the end of 2008, but I didn't come across it until earlier this year.

#1: Now is the Time

#2: The Clackity Noise

Today, the clackity noise helped me remember my Dad. I wonder who’s in your keyboard and what brand he’s smoking.

#3: America Is F*****

Let us know if something has you passionate going into the new year.

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