A Rails Rumble Expert Among Us

Viget Labs

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We love the Rails Rumble at Viget. What's not to love? 48 fun-filled, creative hours to build a fully-functioning web app? Community voting and cool prizes? It's a dream come true for us (so much so that the Rumble was one of the key inspirations for us to start Pointless Corp.)

We've participated in both of the previous contests and we're looking forward to this year's Rumble on August 22nd and 23rd. We are particularly excited this year to have an inside guy announce that our very own Ben Scofield will be foregoing the competiton and joining the Rumble's panel of expert judges. After winning Best Solo Project two years in a row, Ben proved himself as an expert, indeed. Several other Viget developers and designers will be camping out in the office next weekend to compete. While we've been told that Ben will not have enough influence to secure their victory, we're confident that they'll come up with something awesome.

"I'm excited to see what will come out of the Rumble this year," Ben said. Good luck to all you Rumblers out there and if you're looking to get in good with the judges -- well, Ben's just not that kind of guy.

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