A Google Analytics Dashboard for Front-End Developers

Albert Wavering, Former Digital Analyst

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Say you’re a front-end developer who is building a great new website. As you plan out your platform and resources, you probably have some questions about how people are using the existing website so you can prioritize important features and make sure your new site works well for everyone. Data like common devices and screen sizes are very useful for this and can be collected by most analytics platforms, including Google Analytics. Data from Google Analytics is useful after launch, as well: with the proper setup, you can track data like page load times, JavaScript errors, and common input methods.

Unfortunately, most front-end developers don’t have experience getting data out of Google Analytics. To make this data easy to find and answer these questions for our front-end developers, the analytics team at Viget built a Google Analytics dashboard: The Technical Performance Dashboard. The TPD pulls together the most important technical data from a website and presents it to front-end developers at a glance.

Google Analytics Technical Performance Dashboard

The Technical Performance Dashboard tracks the following data:

Available as Default Google Analytics Metrics

  • Average Page Load Time
  • Average Server Response Time
  • Average Domain Lookup Time
  • Mobile Page Load Time
  • Sessions by Device Category
  • Page Load Time by Browser
  • Load Time for Popular Pages

Available with GTM Customization

  • Sessions without JavaScript

Available with Trackomatic Customization

  • Viewport Size
  • JS Errors
  • First Input Method
  • Viewport Resize

To learn more about a particular metric, just click on the widget to go to a more detailed report.

You can download the Technical Performance Dashboard to use with your own data from the GA Solutions Gallery. Talk to your local analytics person to get it set up, and happy building!

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