March 15, 2017

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Staying Healthy at Work

Our approach to work impacts both our mental and physical well-being, and promoting healthy behavior in the workplace has become an increasingly popular and important topic. We spend thousands of hours working each year. If health is truly a priority, we need to improve our health while we’re working — not just after hours.

Even small changes to your work routine can have a positive impact on your health and how you feel. Eating healthy snacks, creating an inspirational office environment, taking mental breaks throughout the day, or introducing a new exercise habit are just a few examples of how to improve your health while working.

Introducing healthy behaviors in a work environment has other benefits: accountability and support. By encouraging others to join you in a specific health goal, you can increase the likelihood that you’ll stick with that goal. At Viget, we encourage everyone to exercise consistently using SpotsYou — a tool we built that keeps track of how often everyone hits the gym and reimburses those who go a certain number of times each month.

Spots You

Community Thoughts on Staying Healthy at Work...

  1. 1. 10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Boost Workplace Happiness Employees who fill their morning routines, lunch breaks, or happy hours with physical activity tend to be more engaged and energetic on the job than those who stay glued to their chairs. Getting a move on throughout the workday improves overall cardiovascular health, provides a healthy distraction from stressful office situations, and can even enhance workers’ capacity to tolerate physiological stress.
  2. 2. 11 Ways To Stay Healthy At The Office, Because Your Habits Matter You might not feel like you have time for breaks, but taking some time away from your desk can have some profound effects. “It will help you with eye strain from staring at the monitor, lower back and neck tension from sitting all day, and many other complications that come with sitting at a desk all day,” says Almekinder. “It’s also important for you to mentally and physically refresh from hours of work, and it can even improve your work output.”
  3. 3. Workplace Strategies that Enhance Performance, Health and Wellness People generally prefer to be surrounded by nature, which provides endless sources of variation and sensory change. The instinctive bond between humans and other living systems, often called biophilia, is important to replicate in interior environments. It is also beneficial for people to spend time outside, even for limited time, during the day.
  4. 4. 10 Tips to Improve Your Health at Work Drinking an adequate amount of water — eight to 10 glasses every day — can help keep you hydrated. Many foods are also good sources of water; fruits like oranges, grapefruit, grapes, watermelon, and apples can help keep you healthy and hydrated.
  5. 5. 17 Desk Stretches That'll (Almost) Replace Going to the Gym These stretches will in no way have the same effect as going to the gym a few times a week, but doing a few every day is much better than sitting hunched over at your desk for hours-long periods. From the “One Arm Hug” to the “Proposal” to the “Ballerina” to the “Knee-Jerk,” there are more than enough stretches to add to your routine.

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