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Revolutionizing the Web

Eric Fuhrmann

By Eric Fuhrmann, Senior UI Developer

The new View Transitions API is a game-changer – one of the most exciting updates for the web in years. It introduces the ability to easily implement smooth-as-butter page transitions on the web, akin to a mobile app experience. Until now, frontend developers needed to look towards complex JavaScript libraries to be able to mimic these types of transitions. Now, we can move much of the labor to the browser and control it nearly entirely from within CSS.

At the moment, there is no better framework for playing with view transitions than Astro (v3.0 and later), the first major web framework to support the new View Transition API natively. We're excited about the possibilities — the team has enjoyed diving into the particulars of working with view transitions in Astro and, to showcase some of the potential visually, we created a terrific proof of concept demo which incorporates transitioning cards with persistent video, color, and type.

It’s still early days for view transitions, but it feels like their impact on the way we design and develop websites is going to become common across the web, revolutionizing the industry.

How We Built the Demo

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