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Navigating a Big Change

Kate Trenerry

By Kate Trenerry, Client Strategy Director

At Viget, we enter the scene when an organization has decided it’s time for a change. Whether it’s an innovation arm ready to imagine its next digital product, a startup sprinting to launch its MVP, or a business rebranding its established services, our engagements are often the starting point for something big.

That work, the big part of that work, gets a lot of attention. It gets the news coverage and social media campaigns. And rightfully so. But what insiders know is that these big moments can be successful because of the small, highly-intentional efforts that move projects forward and bring the internal team with it along the way.

Earlier this year, the rebrand of The Great Courses, now Wondrium, went live. Our work developing their new name, logo, tagline, voice, design aesthetic, and foundation brand strategy was a lot of change, and it came with a lot of challenges.

Join us Wednesday, December 8th, when our branding team will share how we led Wondrium through their rebrand in a 40-minute webinar.

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  2. 2. Becoming the Marginalian: After 15 Years, Brain Pickings Reborn A challenge arises when we make something over a long period of time. As we evolve — as we add experiences, impressions, memories, deepening knowledge and self-knowledge to the combinatorial pool from which all creative work springs — what we make evolves accordingly; it must, if we are living widely and wisely enough.
  3. 3. 5 Ways to Help Your Team Be Open to Change For change to be operationalized, you need to inspire your team to be creative and enable them to innovate. But innovation only happens when people are able to work in the gray space — where ambiguity is okay and business principles, rather than hard and fast rules, apply.

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