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Mobile AR

Prayash Thapa

By Prayash Thapa, Developer

The rise of spatial computing in recent years has led to a boom in AR, VR, and MR technologies, but has left many disappointed due to its slow adoption rate. New paradigms of computing are rarely enough to drive adoption, but considering the technology is already available in the phones in our pockets, many companies are looking to integrate AR experiences into their offerings. Whether to support e-commerce operations, or to create unique branding and marketing experiences, it’s undeniable that mobile AR is gaining traction. The tools and frameworks for building robust AR content are only getting easier with Apple and Google integrating key spatial features into their SDKs. We can expect mobile AR to keep evolving over the next few years.

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  1. 1. AR Will Spark the Next Big Tech Platform—Call It Mirrorworld The mirrorworld doesn’t yet fully exist, but it is coming. Someday soon, every place and thing in the real world—every street, lamppost, building, and room—will have its full-size digital twin in the mirrorworld. For now, only tiny patches of the mirrorworld are visible through AR headsets. Piece by piece, these virtual fragments are being stitched together to form a shared, persistent place that will parallel the real world.
  2. 2. Creating AR apps in Unity: the latest tips and resources With AR Foundation and the software architecture it leverages, Unity developers now have a common API which supports core functionality for ARCore, ARKit, and future platforms. ARCore and ARKit each offer a mix platform-unique features, as well as common ones. With AR Foundation and the platform-specific SDKs, you have everything you need in Unity to author AR content, plus and an expanding collection of in-depth learning resources.
  3. 3. Designing for Augmented Reality on Mobile Augmented reality is a digital extension of product design. The same principles of thinking apply with a few modifications. Rather than having physical constraints, the user now has technological constraints and affordances.

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