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Maintenance Matters

Solomon Hawk

By Solomon Hawk, Senior Developer

The Software Development Lifecycle is a continuous process. Maintainability is a measure of how sustainable this process is over time. At Viget, we’re constantly focused on ensuring the software we build is a joy to work on both now and in the future for anyone who contributes.

There are many factors that affect the maintainability of software projects. In our “Maintenance Matters” article series, we’re sharing the ideas behind Viget's approach to building dependable software. These principles lay the foundation for sustained quality products, development velocity, and ease of contribution.

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Articles We Love

  1. 1. The Empathy of Maintainable Code “Providing automated tests and helpful source-level documentation is empathetic because it involves thinking beyond oneself. It is a pattern of “paying it forward”. Providing these key elements is a demonstration of leadership because it empowers others and enables you to tackle new problems.”
  2. 2. Writing Maintainable Code is a Communication Skill “Maintainable code is code that eloquently and considerately communicates to its reader how, what, and why it implements.”
  3. 3. Three Attitudes that Lead to Maintainable Code “When writing code, there are many specific principles that aim to make your code more maintainable: DRY, the single responsibility principle, the Law of Demeter, the open/closed principle, etc. These are great principles to follow, but it can be difficult to keep all of them in your head at once.”

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Viget family, friends and alumni celebrated the autumnal spirit at our annual Fall Fête picnics in Falls Church and Durham. Want to attend our next event, virtual or IRL? We're hiring!


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