Newsletter October 10, 2023

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Exploring the Digital Future

Stephanie Fois

By Stephanie Fois, Senior Project Manager

Sometimes, we take on problems we haven’t been hired to solve… yet. We call these endeavors Explorations. Explorations are a way for us to pursue our diverse curiosities, contribute to conversations about emerging technologies or topics, and stretch our creative muscles.

Our process of uncovering new possibilities is the same: we research the solution space to ground our work and formulate a problem statement (“How might we…”). Then we prototype our potential solutions, soliciting feedback and refining until we’ve polished up our best ideas. And finally, we take the leap and share what we’ve learned in hopes that we’ll spark conversation with fellow ‘explorers.'

Staying curious helps us innovate and shape the digital future. Recently, we set out on two Explorations of that future: one where patients are empowered to make informed decisions about their healthcare provider; and another, where consumers take a chance on an AI suggested meal for lunch. Whatever the digital future may look like, we’re excited to help shape it.

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What We’re Up To

NOVA Code & Coffee

The next NOVA Code & Coffee meetup will take place at Viget HQ on Saturday, October 21st. People of all skill levels are invited!

Book it copy

Viget leaned into our love of books — and free pizza — with our very own BOOK IT!-style challenge this summer.


It's almost Halloween! Uncover the differences between style guides, pattern libraries, and design systems through a virtual pumpkin-carving lens.

Steven Profile 2023

On October 23rd, Senior Project Manager Steven Hascher will deliver a talk at the Digital PM Summit about effectively engaging cross-functional teams to collaborate on project goals, estimations, and scope.

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