December 8, 2016

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Developers & The News

The journalism industry, once synonymous with physical newspapers, has been a proven outlet for advances in web development. In building online story experiences, newsroom developers – who have included the likes of the Underscore.js and d3.js creators – use things like advanced SVG-based data visualizations, Javascript applications, and now even VR. The contributions needn't be direct, either; publishers were crucial in Google's efforts to create a standard for quick-loading mobile pages with AMP.

Journalism presents a novel set of challenges for developers, not the least of which are competing against the deadline-driven news cycle and condensing massive amounts of information into easily digestible pieces. We ran into the latter issue recently when we teamed up with ESPN to build a single-page interactive honoring LeBron James's ascent into the top 10 NBA scorers of all time. The piece documents his journey through selected moments of his career and assorted stats of the top 100 scorers, achieved with thoughtful design and front-end execution.

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Community Thoughts on Developers & The News...

  1. 1. Rio Olympics told by Interactive Graphics NYT put together more than two dozen interactive stories to highlight, celebrate and relive the important people and moments of the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  2. 2. Why develop in the newsroom? “What kind of app can you build in the next 12 hours or 24 hours that’s going to be able to tell a story?”
  3. 3. Nile: A tool for our newsroom to build new applications quickly Washington Post engineers built an internal tool for rapid development aimed at those with “minimal technical knowledge” -- and it uses a Slackbot as a pseudo-command line for deploying.
  4. 4. Building a Cross Platform 360-degree Video Experience at The New York Times “We believe VR storytelling allows for a deeper understanding of a place, a person, or an event.”
  5. 5. AMA: d3.js creator “Charts shouldn’t be about making the story more eye-catching, but about communicating more efficiently….”

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