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Build First, Iterate Later

Zach Robbins

By Zach Robbins, Vice President of Client Strategy

I’m a spreadsheet fan. You might even call me a spreadsheet aficionado – I’ve built quite complex ones. They often support the work I do at Viget (and occasionally help map out my personal life). But I often find that when I share those complex spreadsheets with others, the magic is lost in all the explanation and instruction required for someone else to understand it, much less actually use it.

Long-time software marketing executive Nate Sullivan has had a similar relationship to spreadsheets and considered the question: “Is there a simpler, more intuitive and shareable way to map out business’s “what-ifs”? Nate decided to create a way to model “the maths” without the complicated, brittle, and hidden system of cells and formulas. He didn’t know how to begin, however, or if it was even possible.

Viget developers worked alongside Nate to quickly understand his vision, hone in on the core functionality needed, and start building. By jumping head first into development, our team was able to quickly find edge cases and iterate until we had the proof of concept Nate was looking for - a functioning tool he could not only continue to build upon, but use to launch his Kickstarter.

We’re excited about the next iteration of “Resolution."

Check out the Kickstarter

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