Newsletter March 12, 2021

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With Change Comes Opportunity

Stephanie Fois

By Stephanie Fois, Senior Project Manager

The transition to remote-life has impacted many industries—and that’s especially true for higher education. While this necessary adoption of remote-teaching and remote-learning has posed challenges, it’s also ushered in new opportunities. Suddenly, the choice for where (and how) you attend a class or earn a degree isn’t limited by geographical location. And this doesn’t just apply to undergrad and graduate students. Options for pursuing meaningful and rigorous professional education have also expanded. So, too, has the value of additional certification and accredited expertise, supported by a growing freelance employee population.

There could be no better time for University of Chicago Professional Education (UCPE) to reprioritize their brand work than this past year. The benefits of a targeted brand strategy that resonates with their audience is all too clear and we helped them articulate the intangibles of what makes a UChicago education vital to a professional journey, translating that into a design and messaging strategy that felt both true to UCPE and to the University of Chicago institution at large. With a new semester of courses well underway, we’re excited to be helping students, of any professional tenure, learn without limits.

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