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Looking Forward to Config

By Eric Fuhrmann, Former Senior UI Developer

It's June again, which means it's time to get excited for another Config conference! This year's event promises a lineup of interesting talks. We're particularly looking forward to “Designing for Code: Creative Tools on Hard Mode,” which will explore how Replit designs for programmers, and “How Pigeons Led to Emergency Room Optimizations,” which will discuss building products in the public sector and their impact on accessibility.

Regarding features, last year’s Config conference significantly improved the design-to-development handoff with the release of Dev Mode. This year, we're hoping for more enhancements that support collaboration. We're eager to see improved image export formats like WebP and AVIF, support for newer color spaces such as OKLCH and OKLAB, and an expansion of Figma Variables with the ability to migrate local styles into them. Currently, these elements seem somewhat at odds, making it harder to maintain a single source of truth. Lastly, our pie-in-the-sky wish is for a way to sync Figma Variables between design and code, enabling tighter integration with design token repositories and component libraries.

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Articles We Love

  1. 1. Behind the feature: The multiple lives of multi-edit “Every now and again, we ship a feature that makes us wonder how we ever got along without it. ... Now that it’s live, we wanted to share how it came to be.”
  2. 2. Are Variables Worth the Hustle? Litsa explores the use of variables to create more dynamic and complex prototypes. She details her process and asks if it’s worth the extra hustle.
  3. 3. Figma’s Dev Mode – Why Design System Teams Love It “In the short time we’ve used Dev Mode on our Design System engagements, we’ve already seen dramatic improvements in productivity: a 50% reduction in time for designers to document for developers and an extra 3-4 hours per week for developers to actually code.”

What We’re Up To

Melissa Piper

We used DALL-E to create personalized virtual backgrounds for the team and used them to run an interactive guessing game.

Universal grid diagram 03 columns

Nathan Long explains how to use CSS Grid to define a universal fluid layout that handles multiple breakout elements.

Screenshot 2024 06 18 at 3 36 47 PM

Everyone involved in your web content needs to understand accessibility standards. Melissa Foley's Accessibility Summer Camp webinar can help your team catch up.

Kate explaining things

Kate wants to help you feel confident when you onboard or offboard a website partner. Retain full control and avoid any potential hiccups by following her checklist!


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