Newsletter November 7, 2019

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Side Project Success: Launching Spots You

By Doug Avery, Former Senior Developer

Side projects are a difficult subject. The tech industry is full of success stories like Google and 37Signals, who turned employee-driven side projects into valuable business — but anyone who's tried to replicate this success knows the truth: side projects are very likely to drain resources, fail before launching, or linger on long after their value has evaporated.

Rebuilding our Spots You program as a mobile app was an attempt to do the unlikely: Plan, design, and launch an app in the narrow window between client projects. Getting it done required starting small and aligning on some key principles:

  • Identify the real value of the project — does it increase revenue? Save time? Build a skillset? Create a portfolio piece?
  • Align tasks to the project's value. Don't overthink aspects that aren't directly tied to the desired result.
  • Keep the dream alive by reducing costs/overhead wherever possible.
  • Make visible progress every day, and regularly test with real users.

See the Case Study

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