June 15, 2016

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Focusing Your Redesign

Enthusiastic designers often have the impulse to completely redesign the website or product they’re helping a client improve, and oftentimes an overhaul is necessary. However, countless projects have shown us that redesigns come in all shapes and sizes, from incremental improvements over time to full revamps at one go.

Ultimately, the context, intent, and audience of a given project will determine the best approach. Maybe a product has become so unwieldy and outdated that the only way forward is to start fresh. On the other hand, a website with solid core functionality may need refined visual design and copy to more compellingly convey a company’s identity.

At Viget, our work spans the redesign spectrum, and we appreciate the challenges and demands of each type, whether iteratively evolving the Wildlife Conservation Society’s site architecture, design, and donation flows, or completely reworking the Duke Admissions website. While the natures of redesigns vary, we’ve found that iterative prototyping and well-applied audience research prove consistently worthwhile.

Behind Duke Admissions

Community Thoughts on Focusing Your Redesign...

  1. 1. Radical Redesign or Incremental Change? “Before you throw out the old and bring in the new, make sure you have solid evidence that doing so is necessary to achieve user-centered goals. Discuss solutions that address the root of the problem. Too often, designers approach solving problems by recommending trendy changes while ignoring less-glamorous aspects such as content, structure, or interaction design, which are often the source of the problems.”
  2. 2. Good Designers Redesign; Great Designers Realign “The desire to redesign is aesthetic-driven, while the desire to realign is purpose-driven. One approach seeks merely to refresh, the other aims to fully reposition and may or may not include a full refresh.”
  3. 3. Don’t Do A Redesign! Learn Why Evolution Beats Revolution “Regardless of how many people are involved or how many hours internal team members spend on perfecting every pixel, the epic redesign is one of the most haphazard and careless decisions a brand can make.”
  4. 4. Redesigning Your Website? Don’t Ditch Your Old Design So Soon “Even if a redesign (or refresh) is required, don’t be so quick to throw away the existing design. You can learn from it….Your old site is the best prototype of your new site: it’s already fully implemented and it solves exactly the design problem you’re targeting: a website for your business.”
  5. 5. 7 Critical Web Redesign Considerations You Can’t Overlook “Digital marketing is quickly evolving into an entirely integrated discipline. A website redesign is a major event in any digital marketing campaign, so it makes sense that this process should also be as integrated as possible.”

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