Newsletter August 15, 2023

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Demystifying Motion

Nathan Long

By Nathan Long, Senior UI Developer

Motion design is like a secret craft. 🤫

We see it in gorgeous videos from creators trained in the hallowed halls of traditional animation institutions, and in glossy-but-theoretical prototypes on Dribbble. We see lists of high-level animation principles, and low-level explanations on easing. Yet very rarely do we see material on how a team considered motion as part of their design process; how the designers and developers collaborated on bringing it to life; or, most importantly, how they convinced the stakeholders that the time spent was worth the effort.

So, we sat down to try and bridge that gap in building motion for the web.

In the second installation of our series on motion, we outline a 5-tier framework for planning the right ‘mix’ of motion in an interface (like choosing the right venue for an event)!

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What We’re Up To


Last week was the final week of our 2023 summer internship. We enjoyed learning and laughing with our interns. The amount they've grown this summer is impressive — we can't wait to see what's next for this talented group!

Viget article icon - design system

Product Designer Hannah Byers celebrated one year with Viget 🎉 — and wrote about how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls teams encounter when working with design systems.

Viget article icon

In her latest article, Project Management Director Grace Canfield shared specific actions that PMs can take to cultivate shared understanding on MVP projects from the very beginning.

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It's summer TTT season! Our teams in Boulder, Chattanooga, Durham, and Falls Church have had a ball enjoying the strikes, spares, and small group discussions. We'll wrap up summer TTTs virtually with our Remote community this week.

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