July 21, 2016

Let’s Talk About:

Great Relationships

Between clients and their agency partners, does great work lead to a great relationship? Or, does a great relationship lead to great work?

The best agencies seek clients’ collaboration and welcome their feedback, while the best clients give their agency teams independence to create their vision. With a foundation of trust, an assumption of best intentions, and a communicative atmosphere of openness, the soil is tilled for great work to become groundbreaking work.

Giving design feedback

Community Thoughts on Great Relationships...

  1. 1. Co-creation Is Key to a Successful Agency-Client Relationship “The Old World creative model of the “black box”—where you just submit a brief to the box and then come back four weeks later to watch the creative idea emerge from the other side—is over and frankly detrimental to the client-agency relationship. The process of development is as important as the idea itself.”
  2. 2. The State of the Agency-Client Relationship In the latest SoDA report, clients ranked “strategic leadership and marketing creativity” as the top two traits that they value most in agency relationships.
  3. 3. Revealing The Naked Truth Behind the Agency-Client Relationship “Where 88% of clients claim to speak their mind freely, only 36% of agency partners agree. Where 90% of agencies say they truly understand their clients’ business, only 65% of other-halves agree.”
  4. 4. Advice for Creating a Beautiful Agency-Client Relationship “Agencies would like to see clients share data more rigorously, like sales information and consumer behavioral data to get a more complete view of the business. That would sharpen the focus on strategic marketing decisions from concept to execution.”
  5. 5. The Top Five Behaviors That Foster A Strong Client-Agency Relationship “Clients and agencies are experts in their respective fields, and they should treat each other as equals. The foundation of a healthy client-agency relationship is built on mutual respect, and trusting that the efforts put forth by both parties is in the best interest for all those involved.”

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