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Building Software to Improve ABA Therapy

Zach Robbins

By Zach Robbins, Vice President of Client Strategy

Insurance coverage has increased for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy in recent years. So has the need for systems to modernize and scale delivery. Clinicians were taking handwritten notes over hours-long sessions, parents got little insight into how sessions went, and there was a lack of data to quantify and gauge progress. Enter SpectrumAi: a startup with a vision to develop innovative solutions for life-changing therapies.

With SpectrumAi, Viget designed and built a much-needed Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the specific needs of ABA clinics. The software records video of each session, enables clinicians to capture time-coded metrics and notes via a touch device, and syncs the data together for transparent reporting and recall. 

We’re passionate about helping clients build groundbreaking software that improves lives–and this is certainly no exception. Read more about the platform and the project in our case study.

Read the Case Study

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