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48 Scrappy Hours

Lauren Sheridan

By Lauren Sheridan, Project Manager

If you’ve never participated in a hackathon, you might not be familiar with the experience of riding that particular emotional rollercoaster. The atmosphere is charged with a sense of urgency and anticipation. Something big is around the corner, but it’s up to us to make that something a reality. That’s one major draw of every client project we work on; as a team, our collective grit and individual skills come together to efficiently solve a problem that none of us could have tackled alone. During Viget’s Pointless Palooza, however, we do that in just two days, condensing all our grit and skills into 48 scrappy hours.

Take our recent Pointless experience, for instance. A PM created wireframes. A front-end developer configured an app with a framework we’d never used before. A DevOps engineer built a text-to-speech engine. And developers? They wrote lots and lots of code. Hundreds of decisions were made, hundreds of messages were exchanged, and dozens of huddles were joined. Like a seasoned improv troupe, the team enthusiastically responded, “yes, and” through it all. 

At 12:07am, the first real-time Three Word Stories game yielded some brilliance: “Hello, it’s me: the corn girl from your dreams.” 

Spark your curiosity? Check out one of the Pointless projects, and you just may want to take us on your next digital project adventure. 

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What We’re Up To

IMG 7026

Viget24 was a blast! We aligned as a company and celebrated milestones with toasts, games and custom crowns!

Article icon a11y

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day! In honor of the occasion, UI Developer Melissa Piper created a guide with resources that will help set you on the path of making your site more accessible.

Text Speech AI

Not only did we build an app where you can collaboratively write stories — the team included AI-powered narration so the 'authors' could hear their stories read aloud. Senior DevOps Engineer Nevin Morgan shared how it was done.

IMG 4115

Senior UX Researcher Laura Lighty packed the house for her session, "The Ins and Outs of Concept Testing," at Boulder Startup Week on Tuesday!


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