pow wow

Say hello to smarter appointment scheduling. We built pow wow for researchers constantly dealing with the headache of coordinating appointments. They needed a way to easily book their research appointments with multiple participants. We gave them pow wow, the effortless, friendly way to create and share a calendar, then watch your schedule fill up. We made the product even better during a recent redesign by incorporating new branding, developing additional features for the application, and introducing payment processing functionality.

  • Challenge

    Build a tool that allows researchers to quickly and easily schedule appointments with multiple participants.

  • Solution

    Integrate with Google Calendar to create a simple way to see your availability and offer appointments that work for your schedule.

  • Results

    A custom application that allows anyone — from researchers to recruiters to educators — to create a calendar, share it with others, and easily schedule appointments.

How we did it.

  • User Feedback. They asked, we delivered.

    Since launching in 2013, we've been inundated with feedback and suggestions from enthusiastic users. This redesign was our time to finally make those dreams a reality.

  • Reacting with React.

    We rebuilt the pow wow calendar from the ground up as a React application. Now the calendar is stable and easy to use to across all devices.

  • teaching an old brand new tricks

    Focusing on an all-new, fully fleshed out brand for pow wow resulted in our lovable pup. Now users feel as connected to pow wow as they do their real-life appointment bookees.

  • Since many people already use Google Calendar to manage their schedule, we leveraged the SAML-based Single Sign-On Service (SSO) for Google Apps and the Google Calendar API to to develop an integrated solution. Users create a pow wow account by authorizing access to their Google Calendar. Using the API, we access events on their calendar and pull them into pow wow so conflicting appointments are easy to spot. When participants book appointments, those events are added straight back to their Google Calendar.

  • Interactive calendars are at the core of pow wow. Users and participants interact with our calendars across a range of devices and screen sizes. With React.js — an open source JavaScript library — we were able to apply our extensive JavaScript development experience to build calendar components that fluidly adapt to changes in application state.

  • Secure payment processing is critical when conducting business online. We developed a custom integration for Stripe — a suite of APIs that support business transactions — to securely accept payment information from customers and manage recurring payments, while ensuring that account information stays up-to-date across both systems.