Nest Realty

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  • Nest Realty
  • Challenge

    Nest Realty was looking to overhaul their disjointed internal systems to provide their agents and brokers with a custom, all-in-one software solution for managing their business process.

  • Solution

    Develop and iterate an MVP based on an initial discovery sprint, which challenged assumptions, identified problems and goals through workshops and research, and provided user feedback.

  • Results

    A one-of-a-kind realty management platform, custom-built for Nest Realty's business, agents, and customers, with the flexibility to scale with growth.

Trust + transparency. Nest Realty needed to unify the disparate tools their agents used to manage the complex home purchase process. They came to us with internally-developed requirements for an enterprise-level custom software solution, which laid out a series of features the software could offer. We wanted to start by fully understanding their user needs, so we took a step back and dug into the actual problems Nest was hoping to solve. Our approach provided an honest assessment of the many ways they could use software to address their challenges, some of which weren’t included in the initial requirements list.

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  • Discovery Organize and Strategize

    When it comes to custom software development, anything’s possible. For Nest Realty, that meant taking a strategic approach to balancing user needs against the limited time we had available for build. Our discovery exercise involved working closely with the Nest product owners to become subject matter experts — researching their workflows and analyzing the hundreds of spreadsheets they were using to keep their data organized. We consolidated and shared what we learned with Nest via a Product Strategy document.

  • Pages from Nest's Product Strategy document
  • Product Strategy Breadth Over Depth

    Keeping in mind the features they wanted to build both today and in the future, Nest Realty weighed the custom vs. off-the-shelf options and decided that they were game to work with us to develop an MVP. When it came to functionality decisions for this MVP, we aimed for breadth over depth — choosing a set of features that would positively impact everyone at Nest. Our focus was to build a tool that helped them reduce the time they were spending working in multiple apps to keep their deals moving.

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  • Image of two Nest stakeholders in a brainstorming session
  • Development Reimagining Real Estate

    The real estate software landscape is a full one, with many agents cobbling together their own processes and tools for discrete needs. The platform we built for Nest Realty streamlines not just the way agents track their deals, but also how they access and share documentation, market their properties, and view their daily tasks. Additionally, this software provided Nest clients with their own user interface to communicate with their agent and track the typically tedious process of buying a home. Ultimately, our custom solution was designed to let Nest start with this set of core features, with the flexibility to scale their product as their business continues to grow.


We helped real estate company Nest Realty build an MVP designed to streamline the transaction process for their agents and customers. With transparent communication and strategic thinking, we designed and built an internal software tool that centralizes company-wide data, letting agents spend less time on logistics and more time focused on their clients.