Product Analysis

Change can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be a leap of faith.  Prior to launching a set of major product updates, the team that built Govini — a web application used by government contractors to find projects and track market trends — wanted to confirm that these design updates were both useful and intuitive. Launching changes without testing would have been risky; if the new interface fell flat, Govini would potentially isolate or lose users. Viget worked with Govini’s client team to help mitigate this risk by conducting user testing, uncovering problems, and providing recommendations to improve the product’s interface.

  • Challenge

    Evaluate Govini’s proposed product updates to determine whether they are useful, effective, and user friendly.

  • Solution

    Conduct user testing, determine user needs and challenges, and provide guidance on problem areas.

  • Results

    A comprehensive analysis of Govini’s products performance and detailed recommendations for improvement.

How we did it.

  • Research Design

    We worked closely with Govini to understand their user base and research objectives. There were two user groups whose product needs varied greatly, so we created two testing protocols to accurately evaluate each group's experience and answer the high-level questions we were investigating.

  • User Testing

    Govini did not have a fully-functioning prototype, so we created a clickable prototype using InVision — a web-based tool that allows you to create clickable prototypes without writing any code — and tested it with 20 participants.

  • Analysis

    We quickly made sense of an extensive amount of data around user behaviors, needs, and challenges. We reviewed these results with the Govini team and provided them with an in-depth analysis and severity rating for each problem we found.

  • Recommendations

    We provided Govini with a detailed research report, complete with recommendations and wireframes that addressed the problems we cited.

  • Improved UX

    An extensive research report outlined the problems we uncovered during user testing and provided in-context recommendations so Govini’s team could continue to improve their product after our engagement wrapped.

  • InVision

    Choosing the right prototyping tool was paramount to the project’s success. We needed something that we could get up and running quickly, was easy to update, and that was shareable with remote study participants. InVision was the clear winner given our timeline and project team.

  • Reduced Risk

    Govini was able to vet both major and minor design decisions through user testing, reduce the risk of platform overhaul, and launch a new platform that they were confident their existing (and future) customers would love.