The Atlantic Philanthropies

Atlantic Legacy Site

Turning passion into action. Atlantic Philanthropies is preparing to close their doors in 2020, but their mission is by no means complete. Our job was to help ensure their story will impact lives for many years to come. Atlantic wanted to do three specific things - share their learnings with other foundations, shine a brighter light on their work and results, and inspire philanthropists to consider founder Chuck Feeney’s unique approach to giving. Our solution elegantly addresses all three goals, is built to be future-proof, and can easily be passed to a new owner when their staff is no longer around to maintain it.

  • Challenge

    Tell the story of Atlantic’s work, inspire a future generation of philanthropists, and share tactical lessons learned with future foundations.

  • Solution

    Give users a more focused and relevant experience by architecting, writing, presenting, and relating content in the most appropriate way for each audience.

  • Results

    A site that tells Atlantic’s complex story and lessons, a resource library that is both extensive and accessible, and a strategy for promoting Giving While Living.

How we did it.

  • Research

    We held stakeholder interviews with Atlantic team members across the globe to get a complete understanding of Atlantic’s needs & goals.

  • Digital strategy

    We developed a comprehensive strategy that identified the unique needs of each of Atlantic’s wide range of users and found a way to serve each. We also identified opportunities to expand their narrative, such as elevating Giving While Living to inspire emerging philanthropists.

  • A Powerful & Flexible CMS

    In order to keep the story alive, Atlantic needed a site that would be easily maintained by an archival partner once handed off. We built a flexible system that scales as more content is added and as the story shifts over time and created a detailed CMS manual to ease the transition for future editors.

  • Content Migration

    Central to Atlantic's work is the vast amount of grants they have funded over the past 30+ years. Grant researchers want access to this data to gain a deeper understanding of the work done. Atlantic needed to be able to update and maintain this database easily. We built an import tool that allows Atlantic's staff to import grant data to the website directly from FLUXX with the click of a button. This allows Atlantic’s staff to maintain and manage grant data in just one place and immediately update the website when changes are made to or approved in the grant database.

  • Functional Mobile Design

    This is the last redesign before Atlantic shuts its doors, so building a responsive site was crucial. Some responsive sites choose to reduce functionality, but we wanted to allow users to access everything on the site, including the utilitarian Library section. We designed and built a responsive table that allows mobile users to access all filtering and search tools that are available to desktop users.

  • Bringing Atlantic Into the Spotlight

    Dubbed the “Secret Billionaire,” Chuck Feeney devoted his entire fortune to better humanity and yet is largely unknown. We created a strong narrative and brand identity to bring his story to the forefront, showing how one person acting with urgency can truly solve big problems in their lifetime. inspiring emerging philanthropists to follow in his footsteps.

  • Beautiful & Accessible

    Web Accessibility is very important to The Atlantic Philanthropies, and it’s very important to Viget. Both teams agreed that we wanted the site to be accessible to as broad of an audience as possible, for as long as possible. The visual system was designed to work with these standards without sacrificing beauty. 

    Jeremy Fields
    How to Implement Accessibility in Agency Projects: Part 1
    Jeremy Fields, Front-End Development Director