Viget teamed up with Discovery Communications to bring the 2016 Puppy Bowl Fantasy Game to life. We took stunning designs created by the Discovery team and implemented them in a mobile-first fashion, with the goal of providing an experience just as engaging and seamless on the mobile phone during broadcast as it is on the desktop for users drafting their adorable teams. It was a technically challenging, enjoyable, and very cute project to take on.

What we did

Modern Tools for a Modern Experience

One of our goals was to make this app a modern foundation that could be used and built-upon well into the future. For this foundation, we chose to build a React-based single page app, with a Hapi.js server component. It's fast, fluid, scalable, and extensible.

The page-reload-less, single page app architecture provides an incredibly seamless experience for the user (our fantasy team completion rate was >90%), while the server component ensures optimal sharing and discovery experience across search engines and social networks.

New Challenges

Creating the 2016 Puppy Bowl Fantasy Game experience was a new challenge for Viget, in having to plan for a one day, significant traffic spike. Through careful planning, in-depth research, and close teamwork, we were able to create an adorable experience for all Puppy Bowl fans that will work as a foundation for (hopefully many) Puppy Bowl Fantasy Games in the years to come!