Virtual Viget21 is Friday, April 23rd!


    Times listed are ET; schedule subject to change.

    Viget Week | Saturday, April 17th - Thursday, April 22nd

    All Viget Week events are optional!

    • Saturday & Sunday, April 17-18 
      Anytime All Weekend | Virtual 5K #runviget-virtual
      Download race materials
    • Monday, April 19
      9:30am ET | Last Weekend This Morning - Special Viget Week Edition
    • Wednesday, April 21
      3:00pm ET | Founders AMA
      Follow along and add your questions here
    • Thursday, April 22
      All Day | Earth Day

    TTT | Friday, April 23rd

    TTT is not an optional event.

    • 10:15am ET | Optional Coffee & Camaraderie
    • 10:30am ET | TTT Meeting
    • Lunch Break ~ 12:45 - 1:15pm
    • 3:15pm ET | Fun Activity - Hungry Xperiences
    • 4:30pm ET | Closing Remarks
    • 5:00pm ET| Optional After-TTT Virtual Hang

    Fun Activity 

    Box Reminders 

    • When you receive your box, open it up because some groups have items that would be better off refrigerated!
    • Be sure to double check the items you received against your recipe card (included in your box). 
    • If there’s anything wrong with your items (or if any items are missing), you can contact to get a replacement in time for TTT. There’s a card in the box with Hungry’s satisfaction guarantee.


    Chinese DumplingsCookie DecoratingMixologyPastabilitiesPretzel MakingWine 101
    BeckyAngelaAakashAlecAllyChris M.
    DannyBlairAndyChris J.DaveElom
    ElizabethCurtBethAnneElyseEmily F.Greg
    Emily B.DylanGraceEricaJacksonHaley
    JoshuaHeatherJessHenryJosephJ. Fields
    LeoMatthewMeiraJ. FrankKevinMiguel
    LexieMelissa F.MindyJessicaMarielNatalie
    Melissa S.RachelPaulMargaretNickPeyton


    What's TTT? 

    • TTT = Third Third Thursday, our way of saying "quarterly all-hands meeting". 
    • Traditionally, Viget hosts four quarterly all-hands meetings a year. In winter and summer, these events are "local only" think round table style with your local office teammates. In spring and fall, they are true all-hands events where we bring all of our teammates together in one location, these tend to feel more conference like. No matter the season - we connect as a company, share progress and goals, and always do something fun. Since we've been fully distributed, our TTTs have too. We've paused our "local only" events and focused on coming together virtually in the spring and fall

    What's Viget21?

    • For a while now, we've named our Spring TTTs after the year we were celebrating. It's always easy to remember since we were founded in December of 1999 and celebrate our collective Vigeversary the following spring. So, since it's 2021 our Spring TTT is named Viget21. 

    What's Viget Week?

    • Viget Week or "TTT Week" is the week leading up to our Spring and Fall events. In the before times we would fly our remote, Boulder, and Chattanooga teammates to either HQ or Durham to work from the office for the week ahead of TTT. In addition to in-person collaboration and lab specific focus time, we would host alumni and family picnics, game nights, and waffle breakfasts.  We've kept this tradition alive, we just do it all virtually. 
    • You can expect to see optional Vigety events scheduled throughout the week in addition to TTT, project specific work, and dedicated team time. 

    Where can I join the conversation surrounding the event?

    • #viget21 Slack channel

    How should I prepare for Viget21 and Viget Week?

    • Be well rested
    • Be on time
    • Be as social as your personality allows

    What should I be doing during Viget21?

    • Be present and engaged, Zoom and Slack should be the only windows open during Viget21.
    • Join and contribute to #viget21.
    • Keep your camera on when possible.

    Will Viget21 be recorded?

    • Yes, with the exception of the fun activity. You should also expect screengrabs to be taken throughout the day, in the same way we would photograph an in person event.

    What can I expect from a Viget TTT?

    • Check out Barn's blog post to get some TTT history and how they're structured today.
    • Read Aubrey's blog posts on our last two virtual TTTs hosted in 2020.

    What’s for lunch?

    • That’s up to you. We've sent a $25 UberEats Voucher to every employee. We hope you’re able to use the voucher to order something you’ll enjoy for lunch. During TTT we’ll have a 30 minute screen-free lunch break around 12:45pm, but you may use your UberEats voucher any time between April 19 and April 25. Be sure to download the UberEats app. You can access your voucher in the app by going to Wallet --> Vouchers. 

    How should I track my time for Viget21?

    • Friday, April 23- track 8 hours* to General for Viget21.

    * You should plan to only attend and be present for Viget21 on Friday. Please try to avoid scheduling any client work during this time. This means wrapping up your week Thursday evening so you can be present and engaged on Friday.

    If you are a Viget21 presenter and you work additional time on Friday (up early for presentation prep, etc.), please track your actual time spent on prep to Professional Development (in addition to the Viget21 hours above).


    Virtual Fall TTT was wonderful. I left feeling happy, proud, and motivated. The time together was a breath of fresh air.