Viget21.5 is Sunday, August 29th - Wednesday, September 1st!

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    What's TTT? 

    • TTT = Third Third Thursday, our way of saying "quarterly all-hands meeting". 
    • Traditionally, Viget hosts four quarterly all-hands meetings a year. In winter and summer, these events are "local only" think round table style with your local office teammates. In spring and fall, they are true all-hands events where we bring all of our teammates together in one location, these tend to feel more conference like. No matter the season - we connect as a company, share progress and goals, and always do something fun. Since we've been fully distributed, our TTTs have too. We've paused our "local only" events and focused on coming together virtually in the spring and fall

    Why Viget21.5?

    • For a while now, we've named our Spring TTTs after the year we were celebrating. It's always easy to remember since we were founded in December of 1999 and celebrate our collective Vigeversary the following spring. COVID19 disrupted our plans for a 20 year celebration so when we postponed our original spring 2020 (Viget20) plans to late summer 2021 the new celebration earned the name Viget21.5.

    What can I expect from a Viget TTT?

    • Check out Barn's blog post to get some TTT history and how they're structured today.
    • We last visited C Lazy U in 2015. Read Barn's Viget15 blog post to learn more.
    • Our last in-person celebration was spring 2019. Read Aubrey's Viget19 blog post about our most recent in-person celebratory event.

    Where can I join the conversation surrounding the event?

    • #viget21-5 Slack channel


    "This event is backed by the Brian Williams' good time guarantee!"