Important Documents



If you're unable to find something that will work for your dietary restrictions, please let Khanh know and we can accommodate.

Packing List

  • Casual clothes for Friday meeting and Saturday events (check the weather)
  • "Fancy Friday" outfit for Friday evening
  • Personal toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush)
  • Bug spray and sun protection like sunscreen, sunglasses, hat


Where can I join the conversation surrounding the event?

  • #viget18 slack channel

How can I prep for next week?

  • Be well rested
  • Be on time
  • Be as social as your personality allows

What can I expect from a Viget TTT?

  • Check out Barn's blog post to get some TTT history and how they're structured today.

What is a yearbook-themed photobooth?

  • We're planning to put together a yearbook that will be distributed after the event.  We'll have some props, but feel free to bring anything that reminds you of your younger, awkward school years.

I'm allergic to hay.

  • There will definitely be hay at the farm, so PM Khanh and let her know.

Will there be wi-fi?

  • Yes.  The only place where you may have to use data is at Hanover Farm on Saturday.

Is there cell service?

  • Yes.

What can I expect for the hot air balloon?

  • Tethered, anchored in 4 corners, very controlled
  • Groups of 4
  • Rises to 100 feet
  • Approximately 3 minute rides

What if I don't want to hot air balloon?

  • You don't have to!  There will be other low-key things to do while we're there.

What if the weather is not good for a hot air balloon?

  • We have a Plan B and Plan C, duh! Join the #viget18 slack channel for updates.

How should I track my time for offsites and Viget18?

  • Thursday -  Track your actual travel time to Viget Labs > Travel - Internal Travel. Track 8 hours for your team offsite to Professional Development.
  • Friday -  Track 8 hours for Viget18 to General.
  • Saturday - Track 3 hours for Viget18 to General. Track your actual travel time to Viget Labs > Travel - Internal Travel.
  • Developers - if you're traveling on Wednesday and Friday, track your actual travel time to those days instead of Thursday.
  • Presenters - if you spend additional time on prep on Thursday or Friday, track your actual prep time to Professional Development.

How should I track my expenses for Viget18?

  • Submit everything under Project > Viget Labs > General
  • In the notes, mention "viget18" along with a description of what the expense is for
  • If you're an appointed carpool driver, google map your route and submit for mileage reimbursement ($.33/mile)


"This event is backed by the Brian Williams' good time guarantee!"