Viget SXSW 2018 PanelPicker Submissions

Dual Panels & Workshops

Intro to Connected Devices

This session will give people the tools and skills to create their own internet connected device.

Justin Sinichko & Eli Fatsi will discuss what tools and players are in the IoT space and what that means for hobbyists and professionals alike. The majority of the workshop will be hands on however, making use of the Particle Photon development platform. Participants will walk through a series of projects that progressively introduce them to a variety of topics and techniques.

Building a More Accessible Web

Learn to build your websites with Accessibility in mind -- whether you've been a web developer for a year or 20 years, all are welcome. Megan Zlock and Jeremy Fields will start with some empathy building exercises, provide tools for Accessibility testing, and walk through several exercises to demonstrate Accessible patterns for common problems.

Building iOS & Android Apps with React Native 

Using React Native, you can build native apps using the JavaScript language, workflow, and toolkit you already know and love. In this session, Nate Hunzaker & Lawson Kurtz will guide you through the development of iOS and Android apps using just your existing knowledge of JavaScript. First we’ll discuss the fundamentals of React and React Native. Then we’ll build our very own native apps. We'll cover everything: system setup, cross-platform code sharing, styling, built-in native UI elements and APIs, and more.

Exploring the Raspberry Pi Zero W

In this workshop Ian Brennan and Prayash Thapa will dig into the capabilities of the new Raspberry Pi Zero W by hacking on it for a few hours together. Everyone involved will be walked through how to set up a publicly accessible server as well as an attached motion activated camera to stream video on your newly created server

Solo Talks

User Memory Design 

Designing “immersive” and “interactive" experiences can get your audience's attention, but what does it matter if they walk away without a positive memory and the intention to tell the world about it? Combining research, stories, and practical examples, Curt Arledge will show you how to be a better user memory designer.

Futureproof Content Marketing 

Don't get left behind when it comes to content marketing. All organizations require content at the top of the funnel that creates awareness and invites engagement. Ben Travis will cover how to futureproof your content marketing strategy with the most up-to-date methods of creating, producing, and delivering successful content.

Hardware Explorations at a Software Company

Ever wished you could graph data on an entire wall? We wanted to pull data out of our computers by using a physical installation to show sets of time-series data. Albert Wavering explains how we created a giant, mechanical, one-of-a-kind installation that moves, illuminates, and constantly updates to show the predicted weather forecast for the next 15 hours at our different office locations. We call it the Temper-o-meter.

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