Viget SXSW 2017 PanelPicker Submissions

Solo Talks

Data People Must Become Organizational Militants 

Instead of traditional models of being reactionary, Paul Koch explains why digital analysts must adapt to think proactively, big-picture, and long-term.

The Value of Sticking: A Case for Commitment

Brian Williams will explain why in an age of mass layoffs, job-hopping, fail-fast startups, the companies (and employees) who make long-term commitments are winning in the long run.

The Future of Virtual Reality and the Browser 

Browsers aren't yet a platform for distributing VR content, whether that's 3D or 360 degree video. But will that change? Zach Robbins answers this question and more in his VR-focused talk.

Make Data Visualizations. Better. 

Mitch Daniels explains why data visuals are valuable, when they should and shouldn't be used, and provide a few basic guidelines that will transform your visualizations from "errrrm?" to "ooOOOhhh".

Why is Content Marketing a good idea? 

Ben Travis will cover how to future-proof your content marketing strategy with the most up-to-date methods of creating, producing, and delivering successful content.

User Memory Design: Experiences That Stick 

Curt Arledge covers the surprising psychology research that shows how humans convert experiences into memories in irrational but systematic ways. Combining research, stories, and practical examples, he will show you how to be a better user memory designer.

 The Complete Guide to Acquiring Students Online

In this SXSWedu talk Albert Wavering will show the most important parts of an online student acquisition campaigns, from awareness to interest to desire to action, and how they work together to attract quality applicants.

Dual Panels & Workshops

What JavaScript Everywhere Really Looks Like 

In this session Lawson Kurtz & Nate Hunzaker will give you the no BS guided tour of what a real JavaScript everywhere ecosystem looks like. No theories or concepts. Just real life experience and working code. 

Beer Taps, Brooches & the Tales of Hardware Stunts

Ben Eckerson and Justin Sinichko will reveal the intricacies of the emerging realm of creative connected hardware and explain how stunts have emerged as one of the more compelling ways to interact with users to promote a brand, or product.

I Am Not a Dev: A Software Primer for All of Us

Josh Korr will cover foundational concepts about computers, the internet, and software including learning how to think about a web or mobile app's features, presentation, and dev work. While Lawson Kurtz provides the developer perspective in a talk focused on collaboration.

Intro to Connected Devices

Back for another year Justin Sinichko & Eli Fatsi will lead a workshop where all participants will get their own Particle Photon and components (to keep), then create a fully working hardware prototype.

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