TTT: Winter 2022

Important Surveys


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    Breakout Sessions & Groups

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    Where can I join the conversation surrounding the event?

    • #ttt-winter2022 Slack channel

    How should I prepare for Viget Week?

    • Be well rested
    • Be on time
    • Be as social as your personality allows

    What should I be doing during TTT?

    • Be present and engaged, Zoom and Slack should be the only windows open during TTT. 
    • Join and contribute to #ttt-winter2022
    • Keep your camera on when possible. 

    Will TTT be recorded?

    • Yes, with the exception of any breakout or optional sessions. You should also expect screengrabs to be taken throughout the day, in the same way we would photograph an in person event. 

    What can I expect from a Viget TTT?

    • Check out Barn's blog post to get some TTT history and how they're structured today.
    • Winter 2022 will be our fourth remote TTT, check out Aubrey's blog post on how we approached our first-ever remote TTT and our second

    How should I track my time for TTT?

    Everyone will have 8 hours reserved in RPM for TTT.

    • Friday - track 8 hours to General for TTT.

    If you are a TTT presenter and you work additional time on Friday (up early for presentation prep, etc.), please track your actual time spent on prep to Professional Development (in addition to the TTT hours above).