Remote TTT


10:00a - 3:00p ET: TTT Meeting & Meal  

3:00p - 4:00p ET: Virtual Art Class 

4:00p ET: Optional Virtual Social Hour 


For the meeting:

  • Supplies from your TTT package
  • Comfortable attire, Viget tees and sweats are highly recommended
  • Pen and paper

For the activity:

  • Beverage of your choice
  • Household objects that you want to draw: Cup or mug, and a plant or a shoe

Also recommended:

  • Consider an alternative set up and join from your couch or back porch
  • Snacks


The purpose of Summer TTT is to reflect, connect, and have fun. Please track 8 hours to General. If you do client work before or after the event, please track that time in addition to the 8 hours for TTT.