TTT: Fall 2022


Viget Week | Tuesday, October 11 - Saturday, October 15th

A detailed schedule is coming soon. 


  • Morning Travel (for Remote, Boulder, Chattanooga)
  • In-office Work Day


  • In-office Work Day
  • The Product Group Offsite
  • Fall Fetes

Thursday | TTT

  • TTT in Richmond VA
    • ~7am Buses Depart from Durham and HQ 
    • ~9pm Buses Return to Durham and HQ
  • UI/Platform Development Overnight Offsite 
  • Development Overnight Offsite


    • FLF 
    • PM Offsite 
    • UX Strategy Offsite
    • UI/Platform Development Overnight Offsite
    • Development Overnight Offsite
    • Evening Travel (for non UI/Platform and Dev Remote, Boulder, Chattanooga folks)


    • UI/Platform Development Offsite
    • Development Offsite
    • Afternoon Travel (for UI/Platform and Dev Remote, Boulder, Chattanooga folks)

      Important Surveys

      Coming Soon


        Where can I join the conversation surrounding the event?

        • #ttt Slack channel

        How should I prepare for Viget Week?

        • Be well rested
        • Be on time
        • Be as social as your personality allows

        What should I be doing during TTT?

        • Be present and engaged. 

        Will TTT be recorded?

        • No, fall TTT is an in-person event. 

        What can I expect from a Viget TTT?

        • Check out Barn's blog post to get some TTT history and how they're structured today.

        How should I track my time for Viget Week and TTT?

        • Everyone will have 8 hours reserved in RPM for TTT. Folks who are traveling will also have time reserved for travel. Folks who are attending offsites will have time offsite time reserved.
          • Thursday - track 8 hours to General for TTT.
        • If you are a TTT presenter and you work additional time on Thursday (up early for presentation prep, etc.), please track your actual time spent on prep to Professional Development (in addition to the TTT hours above).
        • More guidance coming soon. 

        Will there be an opportunity to retake my photo? 

        • Yes, there will be an opportunity to retake your in either the Durham or Falls Church office during Viget Week. A calendar invite will be sent closer to the event.